Event Venues

Top business location in Sofia.

Close to the airport, it is a desirable hub for all kinds of businesses.

Easy transport links to the city (subway and buses).

If you don’t have an event management – don’t hesitate to call us. We’ll organize your party! Our experience will guide you through all important aspects to make your event unforgettable.
Be sure to like our pages to keep you informed for the coming events.

Conference rooms


It is situated on the ground level, with a direct entrance from outside, very suitable for more private workshops, meeting or else. We are developing a cafeteria right next to it, so the opportunities will become even more. Stay tuned! TV screen and fast WiFi


Our east meeting room with up to 10 people capacity, TV screen and fast WiFi.


Our west meeting room with up to 10 people capacity, TV screen and fast WiFi.


This is where the SUNSET meets the SUNRISE. The rooms can be merged together so to become one big conference room for you’re a bigger meetings.


Our open space cowork can fit to your bigger dreams and needs. The space could be transformed to a big venue, with presentation projector, sound system, different type of furniture and more than 400 square meters of space, kitchen and rooftop terrace.


600 square meters of rooftop terrace for your party, teambuilding, events, sports or just a breath of fresh air. Enjoy our great variety of drinks on the summer bar, and why not treat yourself with a cocktail.

VIP apartment

If you need some space for more private party, feel free to come to our community apartment, with all you need, on the top of the cowork building. Two private terraces, Jacuzzi, two bedrooms, big living room, fully equipped kitchen. Works ideal for digital nomads as well.

Come and feel the atmosphere!